• Song Of The Old Boundary Rider

    Fat and full of health are the valleys of the Condamine,
    There the yellow maize and the green tobacco grow,... more »

  • The Farmer Remembers The Somme

    Will they never fade or pass!
    The mud, and the misty figures endlessly coming
    In file through the foul morass,
    And the grey flood-water ripping the reeds and grass,... more »

  • The Pathfinders

    NIGHT, and a bitter sky, and strange birds crying,
    The wan trees whisper and the winds make moan,
    Here where in ultimate peace their bones are lying
    In gaunt waste places that they made their own,... more »

  • The Road To Roma Jail

    It's a long road, a cruel road, the road to Roma Jail,
    birds in all the branches mocking as you pass,... more »

  • Youth And Age

    Youth that rides the wildest horse,
    Youth that throws the deadliest steer,
    Spending strength without remorse,
    Grappling with the ghosts of fear,... more »