Vanessa Amily Biography

I have never been good with talking of myself. However I'll try. To begin, I guess you can say I'm obviously a poet. It's not something I can live without, so I write very often. Every day I at least have 10 poems written. Though you can observe I haven't published them here yet, or possibly never will, I however, will publish few and mostly ones that comes to my mind while present online. But for my books, I guess you can say it's very private. Isn't all poetry? Its a feeling that none can understand and must set free.However others are left unspoken to cherish and lock in the heart. With that being said, It wasn't long ago since I started. Two years to be exact, though can precisely remember the date and time. It can't be help when feeling nervous when others are to judge you. Who knows what horrible comments might blurt out, but that is why we do our best and keep moving forward. I used to suck at writting poems, mostly the result of aiming to use external rhyme and no feelings were expressed. I once wrote a short little poem that went like this. 'A poet writes a poem, with empty words. A reader reads a poem, with these empty words. A reader feels no passion, connection nor effection of the poem. A poem is simply a poem with empty lyrics.' And I realize that the more they criticized about my work, the less faith I had in myself, low self asteen embraced me. I felt no good, but that only gave me more reasons to write. I picked up my book, careless about my rhyming and wrote whatever came to mind and it was amazing. A shock for everyone, how I have improved in a short amount of time. So keep on writing. Though the world might loses faith in you, you have to believe in yourself for they won't ever. So please don't ever listen to what none say and keep on going. No looking back.