Vanessa Castello Poems


Inside me I feel alone,
The world still in motion.
People walking, but I’m the only one who has stopped.
I see me and I feel discussed.... more »

Soul Reader

He suddenly looks into my eyes and I feel like he is reading my soul,
MY life story.
Like he finally sees what I see, and feels what I feel.
A simple smile and I feel safe, like no one can touch me.... more »


Is it just me here?
I’m I still living?
My fingertips can still feel this Earth’s heart beat sing.... more »

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Comments about Vanessa Castello

RoJa Mitchell 25 Jul 2005 03:19
Vanessa's a great poet, i wish she could do it more often. =)
Isaac Ray 14 Jul 2005 09:27
your poems are nice, vanessa, yes.