• Forget Not Tibet

    So what of the people there?
    In a world cut off from ours.
    In our daily routine their pain forgotten
    We wastefully pass the hours.... more »

  • Love Out Of Sync

    If I could only share with you
    all that I am feeling.
    Then, maybe, you could understand me.... more »

  • On Hearing Heath Ledger Had Died

    A moment I wanted to arrest,
    with cruel and swift precision.
    A moment I wanted to rewind the clock.
    A moment I wanted to stop from occurring... more »

  • Regret

    Shadows of the past
    darken my world at the strangest times.
    Heavy patches of sadness and pain.... more »

  • Remedy

    I was torn by worry and pain.
    You were my comfort.

    I was tired of shattered dreams.... more »

  • Take Care Of My Memory

    When my last breath has been taken
    And you. You are looking over my life.
    Take time to think about the times we shared
    And think of them from my standpoint. Not your own.... more »

  • The Seasons Of Life

    As a youngster life was a game
    an adventure all the same.
    Time was endless fun to be had,
    to stop and think? Surely mad.... more »

  • Work Your Own Way

    Do not fear my friend
    To embrace life
    Don't hold back. For time is short.... more »