• My Beloved Temptress

    I awake and you are there
    Lying right beside me
    You stroke my cheek and hold me close
    You glowing red eyes make me hunger... more »

  • My Goddess

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  • Nightmare's Code

    I feel it washing over me once more
    The need and wanting to taste the pain of others
    The deep seeded hunger for the suffering of innocent beings
    My beloved madness, wash over me... more »

  • Now You Finally See

    It can't rain all the time, but if it did would it be a crime
    Oh let the rain fall down, let it snow
    Soon you will realize just what I know
    This life we lead is all a lie, sadly in the end we all shall cry... more »

  • Ode To The Dreamer

    Upon a thousand dreams
    I always wonder why
    That when I come back to reality
    I find I want to die... more »

  • Old Man And The Ocelot Cub (Part 1)

    ... more »

  • Old Man And The Ocelot Cub (Part 2)

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  • Peaceful Slumber

    The hour grows late
    And my mind grows weary
    I lay my body down on my bed once more
    And reach for the controller... more »

  • Perfection

    ... more »

  • Piercing Emerald Eyes

    ... more »

  • Randomness

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  • Real Me

    I am the strongest I can be.
    Cause I except me for me.
    I am different, some say insane.
    But trust that nothing is wrong with my brain.... more »

  • Reality

    ... more »

  • Regret

    Once more I stare back upon my life
    And see all that I have lost

    Though I now stand tall and am beginning down the road of contentment... more »

  • Release

    Release me
    Set me free
    Or go away and leave me be
    Leave me nailed to this tree... more »

  • Rise

    Another day I must rise.
    Once again I must open my eyes.

    Again I must give up my wonderous slumber.
    To return to the world where I feel myslef slowly torn asunder.... more »

  • Sayings Of A Forgotten Soul

    When you live each day hoping that your depression will end and all the pain will go away, you don't want there to be a tomorrow. You just want to sleep, to escape to a place where you can feel accepted and find the peace you always longed for. When you can no longer cry because you feel dead to the world and when you would rather be miserable than happy because you know that once the moment has passed the pain will just come rushing back.....goals begin to seem impossible and all that matters is peace.... more »

  • Sayings Of A Twisted Mind

    I died fighting a foe none other would dare. But death shall not keep me. For I shall return and be known as Nightmare.

    When the statue of the Virgin Mary cries blood and the cross turns black, I will return, I will come back.... more »

  • Sayings Of A Twisted Mind (Part 2)

    Upon the sound of a thousand screams I now hear what she said. As she cried out with her final breath that I'm the one who's dead.

    There is blood all across the walls as the dead now roam these empty halls. All my friends lay dead under foot where these ghouls tread.... more »

  • Sorrow

    My life has always been shadowed by a veil of pain and misery, even from the first thoughts I can recall. I have wished to be at peace and to feel like I belong. But now I realize that I will never belong and that peace is unattainable for one simple reason; my own nature. I have long since known that I crave attention even when I don't want any. I have always subconsciously wished to be noticed because it seemed to at one point to make sense that if people noticed me they might include me. But that very idea has ruined my life in all its entirety. Along with my horrible habit of unknowingly pushing away all those I love most I have truly single-handedly caused my own world of depression and despair to replace a world of possibilities.

    I look into mirrors and all I ever see is a little boy in pain or a beautiful woman I have come to know as Amilia trying to tell me things I can never hear. But sometimes I see things that make me so deathly afraid that I feel as if my legs become stone but all I want to do is run away as fast as I can. Mirrors scare me so much cause in them I do not see a physical reflection but a inner one of my true self and how deep down all I am is a giant concoction of lies that seep from my mouth and skin like a poison, infecting all my relations and even my very being.... more »

  • Still Awake

    I look at my phone again
    2: 15 am
    I roll over and wonder why?
    Why am I not tired?... more »

  • Still Botherin Me

    I put a gun to my head
    Which was full of dread
    Knowing that I would rather be dead... more »

  • Still Love Her

    My heart was pierced by cupid.
    I disdained all glistening gold.
    There was nothing that could console me.
    But my goddess I longed to hold.... more »

  • Strength

    ... more »

  • Such A Little Thing

    Such a trivial thing
    So small and insignificant
    And yet it means more to me than I believed
    More than I ever intended it to mean... more »