• A Brother Recalls

    My sis has gone;
    Gone to her home, her paradise.
    My sis has left,
    Left my home, her paradise.... more »

  • Death

    Huge burden of world peace on its wings,
    Frustrated by violent things,
    It cannot help flying;
    See! see! see! That pigeon is dying.... more »

  • God Is In Heaven

    The world is flying into stars, fast,
    very fast,
    But we love our land,
    And dig deep into it,... more »

  • Me Against Myself

    The scientist's third law doesn't come out of books:
    My actions seldom command an equal reaction;
    Monkeys have evolved into crooks,
    Much to satan's satisfaction.... more »

  • Never Say Die!

    Long years ago,
    The days were bright
    And life was not much ado;
    Tell dear hearty,... more »

  • Red

    When the white Kutch grows red
    And the Gulf gives place to red waters;
    When the red-eyed vultures hover in the skies
    Over the rotten red and the dead:... more »

  • The Admission Mania

    The queue is long,
    very long;
    There is one and
    only one song:... more »

  • The Barren Triumph

    Ever seen the sun rising
    Behind the tallest building in the town?
    Ever heard the charming bird
    Or the wind howl?... more »