• Buried Alive

    The moment I laid eyes on it I knew
    there is life beyond this grave.
    I was not meant to be restrained
    by my own lament.... more »

  • Contented Continuance

    It’s not too often you get a moment with one so wise
    Wisdom appears in many shapes and colors
    But one must be careful
    So do lies... more »

  • Fluidic Red With A Punch

    Parched lips are the result
    of a conversation needed.
    But honest feelings shared
    go down like soured wine,... more »

  • Old Man

    The old man whittled a point
    on a stick he found nearby.
    Worry had been a lifelong companion
    and now he was wondering why.... more »

  • Signed Sealed Delivered

    The negotiators have gone silent
    Now only ink need be applied
    Like blood covering sin’s demise
    Hard to believe a tree ceased to exist... more »

  • The Pro-Fusser

    Professing to be wise
    With mouth wide open
    Elaborating details
    Yet barely alive... more »

  • The Unwelcomed Guest

    Your stench is that of an unwelcomed guest
    Unseen nightly, yet clandestinely
    Hiding underneath my bed.... more »

  • The Wait Kills The Man

    The wait kills the man;
    A necessary death nonetheless,
    Leaving him unanswered,
    Sensationally demised.... more »

  • The Worst And Best Day Of My Life

    Not many days hold the power of such parody,
    Where reflection bids a respectful bow.
    Catastrophic at first glance,
    A single day full of heartbreaking events.... more »

  • Who Am I?

    “Who am I, you ask? ”

    I am a narrative in the making,
    A happy ending not yet told;... more »