• A Simple Question

    Isn’t it a joy

    To see a stranger reading... more »

  • For This Love

    To make sure none followed where you led
    I used my hair to cover our tracks
    Sun set on the island of our bed
    night rose... more »

  • Life


    Is it all about finding pleasure... more »

  • Miss Sarajevo

    You say that the river
    finds the way to the sea
    and like the river
    you will come to me... more »

  • The Hardest Battle

    To be nobody but yourself
    in a world which is doing its best, night and day,
    to make you like everybody else
    means to fight the hardest battle... more »

  • The Search

    How many layers are there,
    To this life
    You peel and you open
    You peel and you open... more »