• Bo-Beh-O-Bi Sang The Lips

    Bo-beh-o-bi, sang the lips,
    Veh-eh-o-mi, sang the glances,
    Pi-eh-eh-o, sang the brows,
    Li-eh-eh-ey, sang the visage,... more »

  • Grasshopper

    Wingletting with the golden scrawl
    Of its finest sinews,
    The grasshopper loaded its trailer-belly
    With many coastal herbs and faiths.... more »

  • Invocation Of Laughter

    O, laugh, laughers!
    O, laugh out, laughers!
    You who laugh with laughs, you who laugh it up laughishly
    O, laugh out laugheringly... more »

  • Midnight Estate

    Midnight estate, Genghis Khanerate!
    Rustle, blue birches.
    Bright sunset, Zarathustrate!
    And you, blue sky, Mozartate!... more »

  • On This Day Of Sky-Blue Bears

    On this day of sky-blue bears
    Running across quiet eyelashes,
    I divine beyond the blue waters
    In the cup of my eyes an order to wake.... more »

  • Rus' You Are But A Kiss In The Frost

    Rus', you are but a kiss in the frost!
    The midnight roads are blueing.
    Lips joined in a blue lightning bolt,
    Clasped, he and she are blueing.... more »

  • Today I Will Go Once Again

    Today I will go once again
    Into life, into haggling, into market,... more »

  • When Horses Die

    When horses die, they breathe
    When grasses die, they wither,
    When suns die, they go out,... more »

  • Where The Waxwings Used To Dwell

    Where the waxwings used to dwell,
    Where the pine trees softly swayed,
    A flock of airy momentwills
    Flew around and flew away.... more »

  • Wind Is Song

    Wind is song
    Of whom and of what?
    Of the sword's longing
    To be the word.... more »