• Absence

    I demand to know
    the meaning of emotion.
    definition of feelings
    and how it applies.... more »

  • An Exploration Of Color

    I noticed the color for the first time today
    I've seen the teal hue of a wall
    how streetlights strike a faded orange chord
    in this heart of mine... more »

  • Arthur Stone

    the less I see the more I know
    the more I read
    inquiring minds converging to figure out
    just what happened... more »

  • Attraction

    like a moth to flame;
    an attraction to death
    we stare at wrecks
    and slow to see havoc... more »

  • Bl

    there's too much to say
    to add in 'golden'
    there's too much of who
    you are to mention the brilliance
    of a radiating smile... more »

  • Dreams

    the life of a dreamer -
    to fall asleep and neer wake up.
    the longevity
    of a false reality -... more »

  • Fine By Me

    there's a law against you.
    it says no driving in bare feet.
    so i ask to kindly
    stop driving.... more »

  • It's Time

    Pack up your things and move out of your mind.
    Break all ties with knowledge and say your good-byes.
    It's moving day and you're moving on to better things.
    The next corruption of minds awaits arrival.... more »

  • Lies

    Relive a lie, Alive
    Rebounding resolutely.
    To know no consequence..
    And in the end,... more »

  • Pieces

    Flow it on back away from the black and white stripes.
    Striations of creations that scientists breed
    using glasses etched of finely cut diamonds
    to sparkle as bright as the twinkle in your eye... more »

  • She's A Southern Belle Alright

    We have the liberty bell up north.
    The fools we are,
    we passed up our right
    for a divine chime.... more »

  • Smile

    This is not a drill,
    Please fasten your safety belts and restore your trays to their full upright and locked position.
    Dig into thoughts and memories until you've found power.... more »

  • Teemi

    two letters.
    no need for
    love. friend. A.... more »

  • To You

    If I went with the flow
    and let one person go
    from my fate,
    I take you down with the way I hate.... more »

  • War

    Standard issue -
    I was given a rifle at birth
    and taught how to shoot.... more »

  • When Life Is A Matter Of Timing

    an angel of death once told me
    that everyone dies at the wrong time.
    only in the right time
    can people live.... more »