i'm just 14....
and im writing what i feel
some of my poems r testimonials i made for my friends at www.friendsters.com...... ooh yeah but now, u can find me at myspace haha.. add me up, lil_bonbon2190@yahoo.com
im still a young writer so go easy on me...k
if ur gonna rate me or poems...rate me high...
jk.... heheheheheh
im still sorta new at this
inspired by my lang arts teacher, Ms. Brooks


Vernazera Lumba Poems


ur a great person
but i dont know wat to say
as im writing this poem
all i can think of is 'hey'... more »

Crying By Nights On Dark Evenings

As far as I remembered,
We were friends since forever,
Each other we never hated
Because we controlled our temper... more »


U sometimes u do hav mood swings
But then u make up and forgive things
I always know I could count on u
Ur the friend who is always tru... more »

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