• “kleenex”

    Love is like a tissue
    You could give it away
    Just to be used
    And thrown away... more »

  • Always And Forever

    I love you I just don’t know much ways to express it
    Our relationship is really something,
    There’s not a thing that could mess it.
    We are together though so far away,... more »

  • Crying By Nights On Dark Evenings

    As far as I remembered,
    We were friends since forever,
    Each other we never hated
    Because we controlled our temper... more »

  • Fake Happiness

    I am confused
    Was I used?
    I’ve like everything about you to the smell of your shirt
    But with all my lusting in the end I was hurt... more »

  • Hey........

    ur a great person
    but i dont know wat to say
    as im writing this poem
    all i can think of is 'hey'... more »

  • I Got Punk'D

    When u r around it could be fun
    It's just so funny when you would run
    I'm making this poem not to be mean
    Its just my view of how u r being seen... more »

  • Jerk

    I knew that you'd be the one I'd chase,
    from the first moment I saw your face.
    You caught my sight by just walking by
    And then I got caught in emotional ties.... more »

  • My First Hug

    I see you across the gym playing basketball with your friends
    I suddenly feel nervous as you start walking towards me
    I stop, open my arms for an awkward hug
    But boy, I liked it.... more »

  • My Only Wish

    This Valentines day, I’d like to say,
    That I appreciate you in all possible ways.
    You’re the guy I thought was only true in dreams
    You make my days more enjoyable than it would seem.... more »

  • Wandering Off To You

    My mind keeps on wandering off to you
    And at the time I wonder, “Are you thinking of me too? ”
    I find myself looking at your picture more and more often
    Just seeing you makes my heart feel more softened... more »

  • Winneth

    U sometimes u do hav mood swings
    But then u make up and forgive things
    I always know I could count on u
    Ur the friend who is always tru... more »

  • Zen (Of A Broken Heart)

    I never knew I would ever feel the pain of heartbreak
    But then, I never knew that I would be this so much in love
    I didn't think it would ever happen to me
    Of course, I've always seen it in movies... more »