• ****friends****

    you tell them trusted secrets,
    they blab to someone else.
    you end up talking good,
    they end up talking bad.... more »

  • Flying Sky High

    Im not so sure he loves me...
    Im not so sure i do...
    but when im around him...
    My heart tells me its true...... more »

  • I Cant Understand

    i love him...
    he doesn't love me...
    he loves that girl whos dropp dead pretty..
    i cant understand...... more »

  • I Love You!

    my heart tells me i do...
    i tell myself i dont...
    he gets the wrong idea...
    and leaves me on my own...... more »

  • I Need To Know If You Even Love Me

    You say you love your life...
    You say you love your car...
    You say you love your pals
    You say you love your mom...... more »

  • My Angel

    the stars are in your eyes
    the moon is in your lips
    the sun is in your skin
    it makes you glow...... more »

  • Perfect Guy

    you dont say i told you so
    you sit there and listen
    you tell me that im beautiful
    and drown me with your kisses... more »

  • Special Place In His Heart

    When you look at her what do you see?
    Some people say she looks happy.
    Well, behind her happy face,
    there is a girl who runs a race.... more »