• Lessons From The Heart

    We yell at our children probably more than we should.
    We forget they're just kids, and can't always be good.
    The things that they do that make us so mad,
    When thought about later.. didn't seem so very bad. We tell our kids to be quiet not to say a word,... more »

  • Rain

    When it rains she thinks of you,
    For, raindrops fall like teardrops do,
    Forecasting the storms, your highs and lows,
    Will it rain again tomorrow?.. No one knows. You were loud like the thunder, yet thunder brings no harm,... more »

  • Toy Soldier

    I have a toy soldier that sits high up on my shelf,
    I'm not allowed to play with him, so he sits there by himself,
    He looks so alone, yet so handsome and tall,
    As he watches over me... fighting for us all. I wish that I could reach him, just to tell him that I care,... more »