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Only Teasing

My spirit is on its knees
My will is willing to give up
My heart is unrecognizable, bludgened, bleeding, bruised and broken
Years of seaching...for What?... more »

Why Oh Why

Why ask why when there is no one to answer
Why ask 'Why oh Why' are we here?
Keep your questions for someone with interest
Careful to ask when the answer you fear... more »

Go Away

I know you are walking away from me I know that it is time
I know you are trustworthy and that you will be fine
This feels like a barb being ripped from my chest
Of all the things or people in my life you have been the best... more »

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Allan Farran 16 Jan 2012 01:48
Thank you for the poem Tasing really liked it hope you did find the one, so check out a few of my poms few of them I fel you will like. Allan x