My Names Vicky And Im 15. I Love Writting And Sining...Im One Of The Worst Spellers In The World haha.


Vicky Whitt Poems

Bleeding Away Our Past

I'm Bleeding Away Our Past.
I'm Actually Glade It Didn't Last.
I Really Thought I Knew You.
But Just Like Everything Else I Was Wrong About That Too.... more »

Never Should Have Trusted Him

watching from my window looking through the rain
i see him hitting and beating her. i really want to do something but i know i cant
i try blocking my ears and closing my eyes it hurts to much to here her and watch her be in pain
if he keeps this up i know she wont be here long... more »


one more night I’ll cry myself to sleep
one more night of unhealing pain
just one more weep
as I look out at the rain.... more »

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