• A Christmas Eve

    Good fellows are laughing and drinking
    (To-night no heart should grieve),
    But I am of old days thinking,
    Alone, on Christmas Eve.... more »

  • A Ghost

    Ghosts walk the Earth, that rise not from the grave.
    The Dead Past hath its living dead. We see
    All suddenly, at times, and shudder then,
    Their faces pale, and sad accusing eyes.... more »

  • A King In Exile

    O the Queen may keep her golden
    Crown and sceptre of command!
    I would give them both twice over
    To be King of Babyland.... more »

  • A Picture

    The sun burns fiercely down the skies;
    The sea is full of flashing eyes;
    The waves glide shoreward serpentwise... more »

  • A Sunset Fantasy

    Spellbound by a sweet fantasy
    At evenglow I stand
    Beside an opaline strange sea
    That rings a sunset land.... more »

  • A Vision Of Youth

    A horseman on a hilltop green
    Drew rein, and wound his horn;
    So bright he looked he might have been
    The Herald of the Morn.... more »

  • A Vision Splendid

    Half waking and half dreaming,
    While starry lamps hung low
    I saw a vision splendid
    Upon the darkness glow.... more »

  • Amaranth

    Once a poet, long ago,
    Wrote a song as void of art
    As the songs that children know,
    And as pure as a child's heart.... more »

  • Anacreon

    We bought a volume of Anacreon,
    Defaced, mishandled, little to admire,
    And yet its rusty clasps kept guard upon
    The sweetest songs, the songs of young desire... more »

  • Anna

    The pale discrowned stacks of maize,
    Like spectres in the sun,
    Stand shivering nigh Avonaise,
    Where all is dead and gone.... more »

  • Aphrodite

    On a golden dawn in the dawn sublime
    Of years ere the stars had ceased to sing,
    Beautiful out of the sea-deeps cold
    Aphrodite arose, the Flower of Time,... more »

  • A-Roving

    When the sap runs up the tree.
    And the vine runs o'er the wall,
    When the blossom draws the bee,
    From the forest comes a call,... more »

  • At The Opera

    The curtain rose, the play began,
    The limelight on the gay garbs shone;
    Yet carelessly I gazed upon
    The painted players, maid and man,... more »

  • Bacchanalian

    I pity him who has not swung
    The Thyrsus in the air,
    And followed Bacchus, blithe and young,
    'With vine-leaves in his hair;... more »

  • Bouquet And Bracelet

    Bouquet said: "My floral ring
    The homage of a heart encloses,
    Whose thoughts to you go worshipping
    In perfume from my blushing roses."... more »

  • Brunette

    When trees in Spring
    Are blossoming
    My lady wakes
    From dreams whose light... more »

  • Camilla

    Camilla calls me heartless: hence you see
    Logic in love has little part.
    How can I otherwise than heartless be
    Seeing Camilla has my heart?... more »

  • Cares

    Having certain cares to drown,
    To the sea I took them down:
    And I threw them in the wave,
    That engulfed them like a grave.... more »

  • Christmas In Australia

    O day, the crown and crest of all the year!
    Thou comest not to us amid the snows,
    But midmost of the reign of the red rose;
    Our hearts have not yet lost the ancient cheer... more »

  • Cupid's Funeral

    By his side, whose days are past,
    Lay bow and quiver!
    And his eyes that stare aghast
    Close, with a shiver.... more »

  • Day And Night

    Day goeth bold in cloth of gold,
    A royal bridegroom he;
    But Night in jewelled purple walks,
    A Queen of Mystery.... more »

  • Death

    The awful seers of old, who wrote in words
    Like drops of blood great thoughts that through the night
    Of ages burn, as eyes of lions light
    Deep jungle-dusks; who smote with songs like swords... more »

  • Desire

    Soul of the leaping flame;
    Heart of the scarlet fire,
    Spirit that hath for name
    Only the name - Desire!... more »

  • Disillusion

    For some forty years, and over,
    Poets had with me their way;
    And they made me think that Sorrow
    Owned the Night and owned the Day;... more »

  • Dreams

    I have been dreaming all a summer day
    Of rare and dainty poems I would write;
    Love-lyrics delicate as lilac-scent,
    Soft idylls woven of wind, and flower, and stream,... more »