Victor Ekpo is a graduate of Physics from the University of Calabar. He first tried to write poems in Secondary School, but never really wrote one until his poem 'On the Lane' in June 2005. One of his poems 'Let it Rain' was published by The Guardian (Newspaper) Life magazine of June 4.

He was editor-in-chief of Physics Press, University of Calabar.

His favourite book is The Roman Solution by Wallace Henley, a 400 page novel. The novel is about how a coal miner's strike crippled the American nation, starting with energy difficulties, alongside sympathy strikes from oil men. Thereafter, there were terrorist attempts, and an impending war, which drove President Pearsson into dictatorship against his wish. Just then, the President's strongest cabinet member is converted to Christianity, resigns, is incarcerated in a detention camp and finally...not telling - read a copy for yourself.

Among his favourite movies are Ever After; Music and Lyrics, and The Pursuit of Happyness.

His role model is Governor Donald Duke of Cross River State (1999-2007) . A man, Victor Ekpo says, is inspiring with a great 'Can-Do' attitude.

Victor has two elder brothers, Ekpo and Ebenezer, and two younger sisters, Glory and Blessing. And they are just five of them. He owns a pet dog, Winas.

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Victor Ekpo Poems


Encompassing clothing, beauty and style
It emanates from the mind
Viewed physically
And is an expression of an inner beauty.... more »

If Only You Find

Find me a person
With childhood innocence
Youthful exuberance
Adult enterprise... more »

The World Spins On

The world continues in an ellipse
Revolving slower, faster and still on
With the same forces acting -
Pulling and pushing in like fashion... more »

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