• Caribbean African Legend

    World renowned Jamaica born Pan-Africanist, Marcus Garvey once remarked" - Africa is for Africans at Home and Abroad"- as true as reality deepens in minds of today's lost and found with shocking exemplary gap bridging innovations from abroad.

    As history unfolds Kenya based Guyana born Bob Collimore with rare passion for vital cost efficient people-to-people communication leagues apart accomplished in open show of focused leadership well beyond borders or limits.... more »

  • Emerging African Women Empowerment Movement

    Africa's narrow minded Management Leadership appear to ignore shared management for no other reason but fear of change from one person rule status quo of yesteryears. Contact with best performing women viewed as longing for good company, a tactical mindset common in state owned corporations with deterrent effects.

    Gifted women with quality performing human capital sidestepped in quest for investments with high growth potential, value adding technology transfer inclusive of creative diaspora men and women, talented youth, growing jobless with practical competence even more.... more »

  • Omnipresent God

    Omnipresent God;
    evident in you, in me,
    in all that lives.... more »

  • Silent Change

    Inevitable change, surely expected, a mirror of
    life’s shifting desires before birth, in youth, in
    Maturity, in twilight unto eternity;... more »