• ...And My Time Is Limited

    ...and my time is limited
    but that fragment shan't
    have it's way with me. it toy
    with me for a nigh, a day and... more »

  • A Day Dream Of Tears

    A day dream of tears so drepressing
    as hallow as my mind that is full of thoughts
    of nothing, which all pertains to me. its
    juvenile in my point of view. Sorry it's all... more »

  • A Relationship With A Candy Cane

    a relationship with a candy cane
    interseting. utter disaster.
    my beloved candy cane
    i love you so.... more »

  • A Sumer's Night

    A summer's night.which I have never
    seen. all the more cunning among
    the countless entities.
    So caculated. I can break you... more »

  • But These Three Aren'T Apart Of Me

    But these three aren't apart of me
    a hard poem to write from
    that line.... more »

  • I Am A Lie

    But like God what I state is true.
    In all its syllables all its meaning.
    It's meaningless.What was just said?
    think, nothing. think, everything.... more »

  • I Continue. To The 3trd Movement

    i continue. to the 3rd movement.
    i muscled my way threw.
    withthe randomness of a subject.
    i wanted no part of.... more »

  • I Have Nothing

    i have nothing...
    that should be it
    i have nothing
    i want... more »

  • I Live In A Picture

    I live in a picture
    this picture-
    I live, Its very
    mundane but I'll... more »

  • I Mand You An Entity That Hail From

    I made you, an entity that hail from
    my mind's eye.You're torn, sad troubled
    and I regret nothing of it.You
    are what you are. You are apart... more »

  • I Stole It

    I stole it from myself.
    Now I wake up to a witch in the mirror.
    A drab future for the esoteric
    because we don't have any... more »

  • Maybe I Did It Wrong

    Maybe I did it wrong, but I’m
    Scared to take this risk … I thought
    I missed it.... more »

  • Megalomania

    Nothing to do with nothing. I have
    nothing to do with nothing. For I
    am everything, but every thing is nothing.
    I am Queen of all and, and all is... more »

  • Memories, All Of It, Just

    memories, all of it, just
    memories and nothing more.especally
    the ones of the dead.
    i lost the emotion to my memories... more »

  • My God Forsaken

    my god forsaken,
    something. if you can figure it out
    then it ends
    my god, i broke the war... more »

  • My Mind Is Tired

    My mind is tired. I want to dream. Lay
    down you Apolodies. My mind is tired.
    Stay dark. I want to dream... more »

  • Nail Bitting Boredom. I Wish I Was Ther Again

    nial bitting boredom.
    i wish i was there again.
    gas in the wind.
    a shoe on my foot.... more »

  • No Loud Noise In The Dim Light

    No loud noise in the dim light. Just silent
    moans.I've heard it all before. Blessing me
    with nonsense just waisting energy
    and my good time. this whole tradition is... more »

  • No One Asked For You

    No one asked for you.
    Why did you come?
    Why are you here?
    To make a mess... more »

  • Paper Skyscrsper

    south end. stoping abruptly.
    i only see black and in the middle is a paper skyscraper.
    tall of course. its suppose to be. but to me
    its short, very stout.... more »

  • Pictures That I Use As A Representation

    Pictures that I use as a representation
    of me.
    So I would not have to speak.
    the easier it becomes to fake it.... more »

  • Sestina #2

    I don't care for the money
    I don't care for nothing
    because every feeling you had was no more that words... more »

  • So Much, So Sad

    so much, so sad
    It's a pitty you died
    your face will be forgotten
    your joy brisk away with the coming breeze... more »

  • Something Interseting Sestina #1

    as long as you live, there is love
    but in the recceses rise hate
    all these words I draw with passion
    with nothig to support me, except my faith... more »

  • The Same State

    I'm in the same state I was in last year-
    just in a different phase.

    And I continuously watch the previewes... more »