• A Spider's Thread

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  • Before The Dreamer Sleeps

    My mind has been bewitched by the ancient moon that watches down through the cloudy heavens. Her face, half lit with her own illumination, with great beauty and that enchanting calling which allows her to break through the heavy burden of the sky.
    If you can only grasp the understanding, then you shall tame the wicked magic of a seed. How much a life that seed possess, it shares the knowledge of prediction, but still the chance is yours for taking, to give back the wonders of a life.
    No words can say for sure what lingers behind the artist’s eyes, nor the assumption held the key to unlock the secrets between the poet’s lines. Instead it’s cruel to wonder, to find your idea of the words spoken through the ink. But no one can know for sure until the teller speaks with muted tongue.
    But here I am, as us will be, a longing dreamer. One who can, as others have, begun the night’s descending. So much a night provides, a blind witness allowing freedom. To run around, be free, and never to be found! Alas, the dawn will break and breathe away the secret. But still, the youth of this darkened hour stands, and there’s quite more to discover. To wait until the sound of day is depended and encore dwells in promise- it is then I hear the ringing silence fade and the melody soon follows.... more »

  • Day Of The Dead

    Each day, a passing day, spent yearning for the after.
    How much I wish to be with you,
    How long must I be patient?
    To have you here,... more »

  • Impatient

    I see you in every face that passes by.
    Your love I long for as I see the brightened sky.
    The frequent rain does pass, and although the clouds do linger, the sun, your embrace, overcomes all darkness.
    There’s only one thing that I want, and that is you and solely you.... more »

  • Of Spoken Words

    I paint a picture with my tears,
    that of salted sorrow.
    You did all that had confirmed my fears,
    till the sun announced tomorrow.... more »

  • To Wait, To Linger

    I’m there when the time stops ticking seconds.
    The moment so different than all I’ve known this day.
    I fail to fault and lose my way.
    Laying in wait among those leaves that decay.... more »