just started writing a few things down one day a few years ago, figured that writing was the best way for me to get all my over charged emotions, poems are good as i can put it all in a code and no one will really know the situation but they'll know what i'm feeling about it. a couple of mates who are in bands steal all my poems to use for lyrics as they like them. they probably sound pretty childish but i'm still only young. one thing i'm certain of is a broken heart is the best cure for writers block, when you have writers block you know your hearts not broken anymore


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The Times, The Days, The Minutes That Went Running By For You

so things go the way they go
they do not move or stop or grow
they keep on passing passing by
slipping through the net of time... more »

Chicago Sunrise

I was travelling the new world
and on my way from north to south
I found myself in Chicago... more »

Natural Heights

The sun has melted again
the little peices of my heart
so it can become full again... more »

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