• Humming A Tune

    Slipped off the tip of my tongue
    I don't know why, why
    Rolling for a song to be tied
    In a basement I found... more »

  • I Love You, Then I Don'T

    I love you, then I don't
    Then I hate you, then I won't
    I forget to love you
    Then I forget to hate you... more »

  • Ode To A Selfish Man (Rough)

    Thought less of you in the morning
    Cared less for you by each day
    After all of your painful scorning
    From the day you went away... more »

  • Single Handed Break

    When there was a hold, an unbreakable hold
    Linked by chain to chain
    A beating hold, a feel so cold
    Brought by hands of shame... more »