• 911

    Her hair was tied up in a pony tail,
    Her favourite dress tied with a bow,
    Today was daddies day at school,
    And she couldn't wait to go.... more »

  • A Crimson Line

    On my wrist, a crimson line,
    The barrier my emotions intertwine,
    With the blade of my knife.
    Another line, another slice.... more »

  • A Little Girl

    A little girl needs her daddy,
    For many many things,
    Like holding her high off the ground,
    Where the sunlight sings,... more »

  • Angel

    My sweet beautiful angel.
    Sent to me from above.
    I am so grateful to have found you,
    and I give you all my love.... more »

  • As I...

    As I will sit here, alone,
    Everyone takes pity, on me,
    They see my scars, the marks,
    Promising they understand, they don't,... more »

  • As One Single

    As one single dropp of emotion splashes on her sleeve,
    Another rolls slowly, gently down her perfect cheek,
    They fall one by one, each as exact as the last,
    Why they fall, she longs to know,... more »

  • Behind

    Watching this world pass me by...... more »

  • Blame Me

    Blame me
    I know that it
    Is my fault... more »

  • Brave

    Laying here in my pool of temptation…
    I rest…
    Wondering whether to suffocate my emotion…
    And smile my fears away…... more »

  • But I Do

    But do I really have to do this?
    What is it that bothers you so?... more »

  • But I Do (1)

    I'm just so curious
    But I'm afraid, too.
    Will I have the chance to ask you?
    What's the best thing to do?... more »

  • Can'T

    How can you have so much power
    And not even know
    How can you not see
    That I need you so... more »

  • Help Me

    Help me, I beg you, please... more »

  • Chav's Galore

    They walk around, with their arses showing,
    Their population, unfortunately growing,
    With beat boxes heard, about in the street,
    Looking all hard, unfriendly to greet,... more »

  • Cutters Life

    Darkness surrounds me; pain is all I feel
    Like I'm drowning in this air I breath is any of it real
    Emotions overcome me; I cut but don't feel the pain
    The storm of my life; my tears are the rain... more »

  • Dear Sweetheart

    Dear Sweetheart,
    Before I had the opportunity of meeting you I always thought that love was a wishfull desire that would fill the empty space in my bed or the lonely chair at the dinner table, hoping that love would give me ever lasting laughter and happiness. Obviously I had never experienced true love.

    When you finally approached me I was afraid, afraid of what I was about to face. I thought as though you were intruding into my life yet I did not stop you. I let you keep coming in until finally you were here to stay.... more »

  • Distortion Of The World

    I feel so lost in this world,
    That our souls dwell in,
    Obsession and hatred has taken over,
    Obstruction and plantation has arised,... more »

  • Dragged You Under

    Your so far, yet so near,
    Have I got you in my heart, that's what I fear,
    I'll drag you in, so you can't climb out,
    You can try to stop, try to scream & shout,... more »

  • Emotional Reflection

    As I struggle here drowning in my lake of passion…
    I wonder whether to try to survive…
    I see reflections of my past in the water around me…
    As one last single tear drop…... more »

  • Forget

    Forget the times; he walked by
    Forget the times; he made you cry
    Forget the times; he spoke your name
    Remember how; he's not the same... more »

  • Friends

    A true friend
    sees your first tear,... more »

  • Girl On The Train *

    You sitting there, opposite me
    On your phone, torturing thee
    Gorgeous brown locks, flow down to your side
    I love your posture, courage and pride... more »

  • Goodbye

    You held me hand
    And kissed my lips
    Told me you loved me
    With your hands on my hips... more »

  • I Had It All

    I had it all planned out,
    What to do, what to say,
    Yet you just left me here,
    Longing for your essense today.... more »

  • I Love

    I love the way you look at me and the way you comb your hair
    i love the way i can still feel your touch when your even there
    i love the way you love me and the way you let me know you care... more »