• Secret

    She knows about us,
    Why didn't we hide,
    All the secret kisses,
    We tried to deny.... more »

  • Secrets

    Sunlight beaming through the door
    Unlocked by the key bearer of your dreams
    Wide open and fragile is your agenda
    Now nothing is what it seems... more »

  • Shadowed

    Did they notice, the shadowed light
    Around his aura, he tried to hide
    Taunting the spirits, within his mind
    Teasing the life, it left behind... more »

  • Sitting Here (1)

    Sitting here, living my dreams,
    They feel so real, but yet I know I shall wake up,
    Hoping and praying that my nightmares will end
    Someone wake me... more »

  • Something Isn'T Right

    Something isn't right,
    It's written across your face,
    You look at me with disgust,
    Like I'm a big mistake,... more »

  • Something Missing

    A few short days I've been without,
    The light that brightens up my day,
    A vital piece in my jigsaw missing,
    Your the one who rolls the dice today.... more »

  • Soul Mate

    You see,
    We believed,
    We were saved,
    We were guided to each other,... more »

  • Start Again

    I thought that things
    were better now

    But I misunderstood... more »

  • Stumble

    I am of a higher intellect,
    But you make my words come out incorrect.

    I like you, thats for sure,... more »

  • Suffer

    I lay staring up into space
    Why is the only words I think
    Why did she hurt me?
    Why am I so stupid?... more »

  • The Girl *

    The one special girl, I've been longing to kiss,
    Is the one I can't have, she doesn't feel this,
    That I stare at her knowing, she'll never be mine,
    Other friends saying, all in good time,... more »

  • The Lonely Work Placement

    So I'm here, just another Friday
    Alone in the kitchen, wishing time away
    Why am I here, again I want to shout
    I should of stayed at home, and never came out... more »

  • The One

    ... more »

  • Thursday

    I haven't seen you since, the day we met,
    That last Thursday, I will never forget,... more »

  • Tick Tock...Tick Tock...Tick Tock

    Watching the clock…
    Tick tick tick…
    I pass this life by…
    Watching the clock…... more »

  • To Lay

    To lay a kiss on your lips,
    so gentle and delicate
    is like picking the drops of dew
    off the petals of a rose.... more »

  • Unpredictable

    Sunlight beaming through the door
    Unlocked by the key bearer of your dreams
    Wide open and fragile is your agenda
    As now nothing is what it seems... more »

  • Violent Memory

    My thoughts fight in my memory,
    Battling against un-wanted fate,
    Screaming out loud,
    Yet still unheard,... more »

  • What If

    What if someone told you?
    That you’re going to die
    That your time is close
    And you can’t change that... more »

  • When She

    When she laughs,
    She hopes,
    He is watching her,
    Not to see,... more »

  • You

    You said the same things
    Just in your own code
    I really thought its different,
    From everything you told me,... more »

  • You Again

    I believed in you, in us
    Tell me what was the point
    I begged you not to
    You promised me you wouldn't... more »

  • You Can'T See

    I hold you close, close to my heart,
    How can we stop, us falling apart,... more »

  • You Know

    You know you want me,
    I know you do,
    Its written in your eyes,
    Everyone knows it's true,... more »