• A Part Of You With Me

    I Think I'm Getting Over You
    I'm Halfway Over The Hill
    But Everytime I Hear Your Name
    My Heart Falls Still... more »

  • All For You

    I'm not always strong
    When I am it's all for you
    Because if I fall apart
    Maybe you will too... more »

  • All I Have

    Thoughts of you fill my head
    Hopes and dreams of us
    Butterflies flutter my stomach
    God, I love the feeling... more »

  • Always In My Mind

    It scares me
    When you're always on my mind
    I've never felt this way
    You're truly one of a kind... more »

  • Beautiful Mistake

    She sits around all day
    Basking in sadness and in her tears
    He's the only one on her mind
    He's the only one who can save her from herself... more »

  • Brace Yourself

    Floating helplessly along
    Waves cascading over the rocks
    The oceans in your eyes
    It's a paradise to me... more »

  • Classic Disaster

    Sometimes I lay in bed
    And think about you
    About what we were
    What we could of been... more »

  • Crazy For You

    The look in your eyes
    Helps me realize
    That I'm crazy for you
    My heart so true... more »

  • Dreams And Fantasies

    If I had just one wish
    It'd be to stick around with you
    May be hard to believe
    Simple and small... more »

  • Fallen

    You're simply amazing
    Every little thing you do
    It drives me crazy
    There's nothing I can do... more »

  • Fatal Attraction

    The truth on her tongue
    Burning at her lips
    Is he ready for the reality
    Stars shine into their eyes... more »

  • Forever

    They say destinty pulled us together
    Fate had a plan
    Nothing would tear us apart
    We go hand in hand... more »

  • Glamour In Tears

    Rip it out
    Forget it
    It's an overplayed record anyways
    A classic... more »

  • Indistructable

    You saw the part of me
    That no one else could see
    You lift me up
    Each breath a symphony... more »

  • I'Ve Got You

    I've Got Sun On A Rainy Day
    I've Got A Smile When My Fades Away
    I've Got A Shoulder To Lean On When The Tears Begin To Fall
    I've Got You Late At Night To Call... more »

  • Just A Girl

    Crumpled up papers
    Thrown across the bed
    All love letters from you
    Quietly she wipes her eyes... more »

  • Just From Heaven

    A sign from above
    To ensure my happiness
    Mend my tortured heart
    Give my soul a reason to live... more »

  • Letter Of My Heart

    Seas of green
    Stars shine on
    Light my darkest hours
    Take away from fears... more »

  • Life

    So Much Drama
    Countless Tears
    All The Heartbreak
    Through These Few Years... more »

  • Like No Other

    I’ve given you so many chances
    So many chances to break my heart
    But after all this time
    You insist to lift me high... more »

  • Lost In Love

    She got lost in his eyes
    And couldn’t find her way home
    The light of his smile will guide her
    With the touch of his fingertips... more »

  • Make It Last

    You took me by surprise
    From the moment I looked in your eyes
    You had me falling for you
    There wasn't anything I could do... more »

  • Mine

    Through All The Rain
    Gray Clouds Too
    The Sun Peeks Its Way
    Through All The Hurt... more »

  • My Escape

    I'm so tired
    But I can't sleep
    Thoughts... more »

  • Nothing Lasts Forever

    If nothing lasts forever
    Why am I waiting here
    Waiting for the sensation
    Nudging to the stars... more »