I was an unexpected child.. to a more unforgiving life of mostly violence. But It was good because I had my sense of humor to save me from my downfalls. And as for writing I mostly like to do it when I'm alone, or when I have a stroke of creativity. And I'm aware this is a real waste of a biography but I have had not much of a life. I love playing guitar.. and writing poetry.. it's relaxing


Victoria Thompson Poems

Suicide Lullaby

I feel my days are beginning to number
The edges of my fingers fall into a depression
Alone and Isolated I feel my once promising future fade.
Mother, if only you could of helped me,... more »

It's To See.

Just fine, it's ok stop
For what? You think it can stop
well it can't. Dim down the lights try, try to see
what do you see?... more »

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