• A Question.

    ... more »

  • Changing Fate.

    When you can't move,
    if you could, what would you do?

    Loosing all time of happiness,... more »

  • Cracking Up..

    I switch on my life
    Everyday is practically the same
    I tare it off for moments which should last forever... more »

  • It's To See.

    Just fine, it's ok stop
    For what? You think it can stop
    well it can't. Dim down the lights try, try to see
    what do you see?... more »

  • My Living Example.

    All those words have lost their significance
    Nettled and captured by grim reappearances.

    It's my time to become, to be used... more »

  • Suicide Lullaby

    I feel my days are beginning to number
    The edges of my fingers fall into a depression
    Alone and Isolated I feel my once promising future fade.
    Mother, if only you could of helped me,... more »

  • Sustain Total Solitude..

    Awake, please to the silence of things
    It's soft surrender of depression
    It's tight and menacing grip of things.
    I only have the time given to me,... more »