Victoria Tori Biography

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Hi my name is victoria, im 19 yrs old. im a freshman in college. I love 2 listen 2 music like 24/7 lol. I like all kinds of music except church music. my favorite singer is akon and avril lavgine. My favorite band is nickleback. I wrote my 1st poem in may 2007. I'm a negative thinking, i have a habit of seeing the glass half empty, lol. My real dad left my mom when she was pregnant with me. He wanted my mom 2 get an abortion cuz he wasnt ready 2 b a father, lol. Anyways my mom didnt cuz if she did i wouldnt b writing this rite now, lol.

I have best friends. My best friend is Sky and kyle. They r always there 4 me when i need them.

Wat kind of movies do i like? I like fiction movies. movies with magic in it, or dragons, or vampires, and ganster movies. My favorite movies r all the Blade movies, Eragon, Buffy the vampire slayer, Angel, Blood in and blood out, Stand and deliver, American me etc.

Anyways if u wan2 know more about me feel free 2 ask. I will answer them as honestly as i can ^_^