• *untitled*

    Every night, after each day that goes by,
    I lie awake in my bed feeling weak;
    Emotionally, mentally, physically.... more »

  • ~once Again~

    Not be able to talk
    to you in a week has
    torn me down.... more »

  • ~waiting~

    Staring at my wrists,
    All the lines are twists.

    Blood creeping out,... more »

  • Cutting

    Everyday is a struggle
    Each day harder then the last
    A voice deep down inside taunting me
    Telling me to relieve the pain, the stress... more »

  • Desire

    I live on the verge of death
    Like russian roulette,
    With a blade and my veins.... more »

  • Devil's Puppet

    I cut myself
    I want to run away
    I want to kill myself
    All the devil’s doings... more »

  • Everyday Battle

    Every days a battle,
    Another days a risk.
    Everythings stacked against us.
    Any second it could go all wrong,... more »

  • Fate

    Fate gave me a wonderful gift
    And i love him so much.
    I'm brave enough to admit
    That i'm vulnerable now.... more »

  • Feb.29th,2012

    ... more »

  • He And Him

    He and him are two different men.
    Choose one to lose the other.
    How had i gotten so lost?
    Blinded by both their... more »

  • I Am Proud To Call You My Father

    When I was just 18 months old
    My real father left me
    You stepped up
    And raised me as your own child... more »

  • I'M Tired

    I'm tired of being someone i'm not
    I'm tired of pleasing everyone
    I'm tired of people controlling me
    Telling me what to do... more »

  • Inside My Soul

    It's like living in hell.
    Constant torture
    Gruesome smells.
    Death paints the... more »

  • July 17, 2011 @ 12: 33 Am

    Not only did i feel it
    But heard my heart
    Shatter as it hit the ground.
    Betrayal was the weapon you... more »

  • June 13,2012 @ 10: 54

    When u ripped my heart out,
    Could u feel it?
    The pain beating in within it,
    The screams echoing as it bleeds.... more »

  • Lost Lover's Eternal Pain

    Haunted by what could've been.
    If only i'd known he was the one.
    Signs present itself only to be ignored
    By selfish arrogants.... more »

  • Love And Pure Love

    love blinds people,
    makes them helpless,
    straying from the righteous path.... more »

  • Sky Mccoy

    You are my light
    When I’m surrounded
    In darkness.
    You are my courage... more »

  • Tainted Mind

    Tainted Mind

    My mind runs wild with hope
    Held back by chains of life.... more »

  • The Darkness From Within

    Deep down
    Locked away,
    In a small beaten box
    Wrapped with rusted chains,... more »

  • Your Killing Me

    Not only did i felt it but heard my heart shatter
    as it hit the ground betrayal was the weapon
    you chose to ruin us both.... more »