• * Upbeat To Reach To That Light

    Give my ordained stage of Dance
    To the best of my abilities, I can choreograph

    Give me your Song... more »

  • * Yet

    Tiny remote village then, now it’s a town
    I was born, yet not buried down.

    With Mothers, Fathers, Brothers, Sisters, Lovers and children... more »

  • A Game Between Two

    Standing beside the window of my room
    I was watching the scene on the roadside
    It’s the time where I get the grass to eat
    It’s my observation that clings on the beat.... more »

  • A Human Touch

    I am the best to you
    When you are good to me.
    I am the worst to you
    When you are bad to me.... more »

  • A Long Walk

    A Long Walk

    I have carried this wish since my childhood that
    I should have an adoring pal to hold my hand... more »

  • A Man For All Reasons

    He who caused a break on religious authority
    Through his draft emerged an Empire, mighty
    Trusted ally of Emperor exerted singularity.... more »

  • A Marathon Run

    In this stadium of life
    I see everyone busy running
    Not, all are athletes
    No ghost chasing at back... more »

  • A Philosophy On ‘use And Throw’

    Don’t ever complain –
    ‘They use me’
    Let them use.
    What are you born for, else?... more »

  • A Rendezvous With My Pal

    On that kind note of invitation
    I held my curiosity kite in aviation
    Shaded with bright Bluebell embroidery
    Set out to meet my ideal visionary.... more »

  • A Simple Portrait Of Talk

    Talk, we all talk, we have to talk
    Talks are expressions of self
    Talk, talks about life’s walk
    Talk brings out inner belief.... more »

  • A Writer’s Concern

    All I need is a few minutes privacy
    Let me write to my heart’s content.

    Once my writing is published... more »

  • Aching Heart - A Wealth

    Not being loved
    Other hand, Love betrays.
    Disgust for lust
    Suicidal Hearts.... more »

  • An Exception

    I am born – born as a girl child. Yes a girl child!
    The birth of who is not perceived as revered.
    But as responsibility that has to be chucked out.
    Burden that had to be loaded off from shoulders... more »

  • An Eye Opener

    No one to hear, no one to heal
    Life seemed never unpeel
    Prose, poetry lost zeal.... more »

  • At A Glance – Ipl T20

    Cricket and Bolly Wood
    Two fascinations of Indians
    Minced no words in making money
    Invited hot debates on market economy... more »

  • Beauty


    It’s the wish of one and all in their lifetime
    To look beautiful and behave clever.... more »

  • Boban And Poetry Meet

    Oscillation, a swing of rational twist
    A delayed decision to go to the Poetry Meet
    Landed me in the Railway’s Waiting List
    Unease mixed with anxiety, I set out... more »

  • Cognizance

    Since I was cognizant about Life and Living
    My contemplations took all spins and leap
    Deeds took a long haul of transformations
    Introspection took me to great serenity... more »

  • Compromise

    Thousands of new ventures
    Took birth with Expectations
    Twisted to fit into self-images
    Reflected - own perceptions.... more »

  • Cost Of Food

    World reels
    Food shortage
    A great crisis
    Turns the wheel... more »

  • Dolphin


    [ 2007 is the International Year of Dolphin
    I took inspiration from that fact to write this poem]... more »

  • Don’t Be An Uprooted Tree

    Seed is sown and the embryo is formed
    Legitimate or not, radicle develops into root
    Root penetrates into the surface of the soil
    Absorbs water and food, turns seed into plant... more »

  • Exploring The Marvels

    When I think of you,
    I feel an awesome sensation
    I tried strewing them all with you,
    Pearls picked from heart’s adulation.... more »

  • Girls Please Listen

    Girls Please Listen

    It’s since a long time I am watching
    There is a lot of difference... more »

  • Gowri – My Grand Mother (Ajji)

    She, no more, but forever with me
    My grand mother, my proud deity.
    Clad with black sari and while blouse
    Long black hair! Only a few silver lines.... more »