• A Friend By Me

    Devoured by friends, betrayed by own
    Left in this unknown world all alone
    The best of friends seemed so distant
    Life reminded of hell every instant... more »

  • A Life Ruined And Saved

    You want to be happy
    You see happiness waiting for you at the end of the path
    It’s a tough path to tread
    It wears you out and you want to stop... more »

  • A Slave To My Dreams

    My untamed heart so easily builds,
    Dreams of an unbound love,
    And even though it breaks each time,
    I just can’t get enough.... more »

  • Alas

    Looking at my life reality’s hardly there
    Seems like fiction to me
    It’s almost unbelievable
    That I’m unable to read it and see... more »

  • An Empty Space

    Torn into a million pieces
    Like someone just detached pages from my life
    And halved them till they were no more
    Empty spaces lie in their place... more »

  • Are You Gonna Join My Band

    All I needed was a person to rely on,
    A shoulder to cry on

    And so I started searching for... more »

  • Behold… A Marvelous Game! !

    When at the end of the day
    As the light seems to fade
    When eternity meets eternity
    As the endless earth meets the endless sky... more »

  • Betrayed By You

    Made a fool of my heart
    Broken down and torn apart
    Didn’t know what to do
    So I ran to you... more »

  • Bleed My Pride

    It’s pretty clear now
    How you love to see me cry
    By the way you always find
    A way to bleed my pride... more »

  • Climbing Hills Of Slippery Stone

    He walks his life a determination in mind
    He’s working hard through the distance of time
    Believing in himself, doing what is right
    Following the truth, and never quite... more »

  • Days Of Glory - A Bid Goodbye

    Days come and days go bye.
    Each day we grow
    Each day we know
    What is the worth of time,... more »

  • Devoir

    I was blind to my calling in life,
    I didn't wanna take on what GOD had in mind.
    I thought that I wanted a simple life,
    But, the Lord had a different aim for me to realize,... more »

  • Don'T Be Wasted! !

    There’s a human inside of you
    Wasted upon an illusion untrue
    It’s being played upon by sin
    Showing the path as an escape route... more »

  • Don'T Think That I...

    Don't think that I am
    Waiting to be told what I have to do
    I can think my way through
    And I'm thinking... more »

  • Emotions

    I am a fun lover
    a child of the moon and the ocean tide...... more »

  • Fire In Ice

    From underneath the frozen smile,
    My heart melts to silently cry.
    The burning emotions from the days
    When these embers were all ablaze,... more »

  • Goodbye

    To say goodbye is impossible forever
    And yet we part too soon in time
    Un held talks postponed till never
    Unspoken thoughts buried in the mind... more »

  • Hate 'Em All

    I just want it to be
    No others but you and me
    No one to spoil our lives
    No one to intervene... more »

  • How Lonely Do You Feel?

    When times are bad and you have no friends
    When the hopes of life lead to dead ends
    When all your surroundings have nothing to give
    And you can’t imagine life the way you live... more »

  • If I Could

    If I could I would
    Tell you my story
    Of all the moments in my life
    I’d show you my world... more »

  • Illusions

    Love at times seems like a mirage
    And illusion that plays with the heart’s eye
    Coz when I run towards it to feel it close
    It seems to fade away and die... more »

  • In A Far Away Desert

    In a far away desert,
    A man sat all alone.
    The man had no family,
    He had a house but no home.... more »

  • In Search For A Dream

    I need to be liberated
    From all the thing I’ve hated
    And yet held on to
    Coz I thought that I would lose... more »

  • Innocence Of A Smile

    I sat in a crowded place
    Chatting with my mother
    Leaving the conversation
    I realized there were others... more »

  • Knowing Me

    I'm and ordinary person with extraordinary thoughts, yeah that's me –
    I’m quite different in a lot of ways you see.
    I love you; yeah I’m crazy about you,
    And every one else too.... more »