• Black Is Beautiful

    Every morning in the deep woods of the concrete jungle
    With my near and dear ones I sing a coarse musical,
    Humans raise from their good night sleep with a frown of unpalatable
    They call me ‘Crow’ and express their acerbity with a scowl,... more »

  • Friends In The Sky

    On the first sunlight I arose,
    To see a bunch of rose;
    Through my bed room door,
    It is my birthday I remember;... more »

  • My Friend Loneliness

    It is your company in solitude I treasure,
    Those are the imaginative moments of pleasure;
    I long to be within your majestic universe ever,
    To seek the creative bliss beyond measure;... more »

  • Pain Of Flowing With The Dirt

    Since the ancient times away,
    Flowing through the night and day;
    From the serene hills around the western bay,
    Helping all those who came to stay;... more »

  • Pathway Of Life

    All along the pathway of life,
    There are various ways fully stricken with strife
    Filled with the caste, community and religion hype;
    Waiting for the deliverer to come and strike.... more »

  • Struggle

    This world has various thoughts of school,
    Truth, honesty were taught to me in school,
    With honour they were the ones I chose;
    And the life told me I will loose,... more »

  • Village Grand Ma

    Sitting in her torn draped old cotton sari,
    In front of her thatched hut tired and weary;
    Watching trees accompanying from her vivid memories,
    She often narrated stories of ghosts from those haunted trees,... more »

  • Virtue

    Life threw the net around of vice and virtue,
    I have no other choice than to choose Virtue, it is true;
    The triumph of virtue, I failed to prove,
    History has shown virtue triumphed,... more »