Viivi Luik, born in 1946, is one of the most treasured writers of contemporary Estonian literature. Her poetry captivates audiences with its musicality often characterized by perceiving the world and reflecting feelings through nature, its mystic beauty, clarity and all-embracing fragility in words. In her poetry the journey from the nature of the countryside to the city has been evident; the contrasts seem to be especially sharp in her excellent poetry for children.


Viivi Luik Poems

Wing Shadow

Say it: "Verdant fir, you dark celestial angel."
Say it poignantly. Unmockingly. With grace.
Words infuse the air with white enchanted circles.
Don't observe the manner of your voice or face.... more »

***[Across the empty page moves a human hand]

Across the empty page moves a human hand,
skin, flesh, fingernails and bones.
But held by three fingers, slanted toward the good
and evil of the world, is the pencil, firm and true.... more »


A northern country´s clearing
an endless promise
nil and nothing
sky from head to toe... more »

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