• Him And Us

    There is a holy place called Iraq,
    Once ruled, by the forces of dark.
    Their leader was Saddam Hussein,
    Who brought his people nothing but pain.... more »

  • Modern Art

    When I was four, I painted the wall dirty
    spoiling, my dad's big party.
    said he, 'you do nothing right'
    'now, get out of my sight'... more »

  • The Royal Dialogue

    The whole world trembles at my sword,
    Kings and armies wait on my word.
    I possess every skill known to man,
    No-one can defeat me, try if they can.... more »

  • Why Not Gift It?

    When I came, I came with nothing,
    When I go, I'll go with nothing.
    Yet while here, why do I desire everything?
    Without ever wanting to give anything.... more »