• 00 - Come Back Home, Soldier

    Come back home soldier
    Throw your gun away,
    Your child is waiting for you
    Bring her some toys to play.... more »

  • 00 - Karnataka Ratna Dr Rajkumar

    Your portrayal of an innocent shepherd
    was the role you were best adored
    With same elan you played the lord
    and the ferocious king with a sword.... more »

  • 00 - My Mother

    In life’s ups and downs, good or bad
    She’s always with me happy or sad
    I will always long for my mother’s blessings
    No matter which way my fate swings, .... more »

  • 00 - Superstar Rajnikanth

    He is an Indian film actor
    ordinary looks, dark colour
    With thick mustache and curly hair
    he is called king of style and flair.... more »

  • 00 - The Vijayanagar Empire

    The brothers were breathing fire,
    With their hearts full of desire
    They built the greatest Hindu empire,
    Which, the whole world would admire.... more »

  • 00 - With Cigarettes In My Hand

    With cigarettes in my hand
    I felt like a man,
    with each puff I took
    closer to death, I ran.... more »

  • A Philosopher And A Poet

    Philosopher said,
    Women are a liability and poison,
    Who will lead you to a,
    path of self destruction.... more »

  • A Poet Can See

    ... more »

  • Another Year Gone - Goodbye 2007

    Another year is gone,
    New one is about dawn,
    I cannot talk for everyone,
    But, my achievements are none.... more »

  • Ashes Of The Year

    Aussies trashed at lords
    England is thanking the gods
    Cricket will be rained with rewards
    Without any thought or regards.... more »

  • Ashoka – The Great

    He was young, handsome, and strong
    Powerful, ambitious and aggressive,
    He fought and won many battles
    He was always on the offensive.... more »

  • Back To Square One

    In the race of life I ran
    With others competing in turn
    On the way I had my share of fun.
    But goals I could achieve None.... more »

  • Bangalored

    I have lost my livelihood,
    I can’t stand where I stood,
    I have become lazy and bored
    People say that I have been bangalored.... more »

  • Being Indian

    Once in India lived a statesman
    He was a teacher by profession,
    Like both my parents, sincere and dedicated
    His simplicity was very much appreciated.... more »

  • Black Day Of Karnataka (9/8/09)

    He is an idiot of a chief minister
    has brought tragedy on the state
    He and his thoughts are sinister
    as he comes from a clan of third rate.... more »

  • Bleeding Heart

    Wherever I go, whatever I do
    I just see you smiling there
    Your heart was my home
    without it now, I have gone bare.... more »

  • Blew My Worries Away.

    I am doing, what I am supposed to
    Accompanying life, where ever it takes me,
    I have blown all my worries in thin air
    Thinking about failures is a waste of time,... more »

  • Brahma - The Creator

    Brahma, you are the lord of creation
    Born from the navel of Mahavishnu
    You have four heads for each direction
    And you created the first man – manu.... more »

  • British Food - Angrezi Khana

    Angrazi khana humko jumta nahi,
    Par kya karen,
    Khaane bine dhimak chalta nahi,
    Dil keliya to tera pyaar hi kaafi hai,... more »

  • Buddha – The Enlightened

    He was born in a royal family
    Destined to be King and Emperor,
    On the day of his birth, an astrologer
    Predicted what he is destined for.... more »

  • Caerphilly Miners

    The once mighty coal mines
    Of this forgotten little town
    Stands as a testimony of sacriface
    For the glories of English crown.... more »

  • Canadian Girl

    Dark clouds had just burst into rain,
    I was alone, travelling in the train.
    It was just beginning to gain speed,
    I had with me Sunday newspaper to read.... more »

  • Candle And Cake

    You are my Aishwarya
    I am your Abishek
    You are the candle
    I am the cake... more »

  • Cardiff Or Jamica

    You are my destiny
    You are my love
    You are my Aishwarya, you are my Deepika
    Whether I am living in Cardiff or in Jamica.... more »

  • Carmarthen

    The valley town of Carmarthen
    Heart of the country of Wales
    I have fond memories of you
    Inspite of the rain and gale's.... more »