• Chandrayaan

    India's ambitious future vision
    the much hyped moon mission
    sent in the time of recession
    was probably a poor decision.... more »

  • Condition Of My Broken Heart

    Can someone soothe my broken heart
    its in a miserable condition,
    fate has hit me hard
    where it hurts the most,... more »

  • Confrontation With Women

    I am not a fascist,
    I am not a racist,
    But, confrontation with women
    I always fear and resist... more »

  • Daffodils, The

    They are seen just for a month or two
    But what a wonderful job they do,

    They change the mood and atmosphere... more »

  • Dilemma

    Which is better, this or that?
    I am bad at taking a`decision,
    I wish I was like some genius
    Who can hit target with precision.... more »

  • Drastic Steps

    Time has come to take some drastic steps
    To make some decisions, which I have been putting off
    For the fear of consequences, for the fear of failure
    But this dilemma has lead me nowhere.... more »

  • Escapism

    I just want an easy way out
    From the struggles and miseries
    That I am going through
    People may say I am a loser.... more »

  • Fatal Attraction

    Why is this wall between us?
    Created by humans like us
    Haters of love
    Creators of class and creed.... more »

  • From My Secret Admirer

    Cutest face ever seen
    Warmest smile, ever felt
    Vibrant as a rainbow
    Your presence is like sun... more »

  • Gandhi – The Mahatma

    Latest to arrive, in the line of holy men
    Your beginnings were very humble
    No one knew the power within you then.
    You made the British Empire crumble.... more »

  • Gone By Days

    Memories of gone by days,
    every moment of it.
    Stays fresh in my heart
    unable to leave me in a fit.... more »

  • Govind Singh – The Last Guru

    You were an ordinary sage
    Fed up with the atrocities of your time,
    You rose up to take revenge
    Against, the intolerant Mogul Regime.... more »

  • Hair’s Breadth From Death

    Has it happened to you?
    When you felt you were,
    So close to being eliminated
    From the existence forever.... more »

  • Hanuman – The Powerful

    You are the monkey god, the real superman
    Son of Vayu Deva- the god of air,
    Epitome of strength you are lord Hanuman
    There in none equal to you in power, to compare.... more »

  • Heart In Kolar

    My ambition has no bounds,
    I earn in dollars and pounds
    In life, I have come too far
    But, my heart is still in Kolar.... more »

  • Heart Of Steel

    I know what you know
    I feel what you feel
    I Have a loving heart
    Its soft and not made of steel... more »

  • Heart To Blame

    After reading my love letter
    Please don’t get angry
    You are my life, you are my destiny
    If I have hurt you, I am sorry... more »

  • Heart To Blame Again

    I can’t stop liking you
    It’s not me, but my heart to blame
    I cannot keep it in control
    It keeps beating for you without shame.... more »

  • Heart Will Sing

    My heart will,
    Always sing.
    In memory of you,
    Our love song.... more »

  • Her Mesmerising Smile

    I couldn’t sleep whole night
    Something with my heart was not right
    It haunted me all the while
    It’s her mesmerising smile.... more »

  • I Am A Hindu

    I am a Hindu
    And proud to be one
    Combining the forces of nature
    Hinduism is a way of life, rather than religion.... more »

  • I Remember The Day, Dad

    I remember the day dad,
    When you chased me around, to get me to hospital
    For the treatment of fever which I had.... more »

  • I Was Not A Poet

    I was not a poet
    But, since I saw you
    I started writing poetry.... more »

  • I Wish I Have A Dream

    I wish I have a dream
    Where people lived like brothers peacefully,
    Used and shared everything equally.
    Free of hatred and jealousy, loved each other truly,... more »

  • If You Come Today

    If you come today, you are too early
    If you come tomorrow, it’s too late
    You pick the time, Tick, Tick, Tick
    Darling!... more »