• In Mad Stampede

    Life is difficult indeed
    Race of very high speed
    And of mad stampede
    Among men trying to succeed.... more »

  • In Pursuit Of Happiness

    I thought money will give it to me
    But I was so very wrong,
    I thought success will give it to me
    Again I was wrong.... more »

  • In The Light Of Your Love.

    To the beats of your heart,
    To the rhythm of your breath,
    In the light of your love,
    which is always rife,... more »

  • In Your Shade

    I have suffered a lot in life
    I am exhausted and tired,
    Like the sun, before I fade
    Take me into your shade.... more »

  • It Happens For Good

    Everything happens for good
    Whatever has happened in the past
    Whatever that is happening now
    And whatever that will happen in future.... more »

  • Its Kannada, Not Canada

    People confuse it with Canada,
    I say, no its Kannada,
    Canada with an extra N, and starting with K
    They give back the expression saying, no way... more »

  • Jesus – The Shepherd

    Oh, my shepherd lord
    What are your followers doing?
    They are playing the money card
    Luring men into their fold and converting.... more »

  • Like A Bird

    I want to
    be like a bird
    so that I can fly
    into the horizon... more »

  • Long Lasting Date

    As the monsoon rains
    starts its magic,
    Breaking from heavens
    trying to reach the land quick.... more »

  • Lost Heart

    I have lost my sleep
    And my peace of mind
    Can someone find my heart for me?
    I have lost it, and now I can’t find.... more »

  • Lost Will

    Why should I live anymore
    I am a failure in my life
    No one cares about me
    Neither god nor my wife... more »

  • Love Me

    I want you to kiss me
    I want you to hug me
    I want you to cuddle me
    I want you to love me... more »

  • Mad Fakir

    Leave the mad fakir alone
    He does harm to none
    Write's his bits, just for fun
    Never claimed he is a poet in return.... more »

  • Made For Me

    Are you the heavenly Maiden?
    Or the gem among women.

    Are you the shining new moon?... more »

  • Magnificient Response

    Just the usual convincing
    might not be sufficient,
    when the crowd gets hostile
    response should be magnificent.... more »

  • Malenadu - The Mountain Country

    The land of mountains and hills
    domain of great Indian hornbills
    of king cobras and many living fossils
    of heavy rains and freezing chills.... more »

  • Me, Myself And My Ego

    How much ever, I try
    I cannot let it go,
    In the life's ups and downs
    when going gets slow,... more »

  • Memorable Day

    Never imagined it would happen,
    I felt like i was in heaven.
    Cold wind blew through the window,
    And, i was covered by a shadow.... more »

  • My French Connection

    This French girl from Nantes
    With a strong French accent
    We met in the Coffee shop
    Chatting that evening we spent.... more »

  • My Girl

    Deep in my heart
    In my body’s every part,
    Is a place for my girl
    Who for me is like a pearl.... more »

  • My Lazy Sundays

    My mom wakes me up
    With a cup of hot tea,
    Dad has already kept ready
    Sunday’s newspapers by me.... more »

  • My Life Partner

    As if touched by a golden brush
    she looked young and glistening fresh,
    Nice smile and slim body to boot
    Enthralled my every nerve root,... more »

  • My Little Nephew

    He is bustling with energy
    He runs, he shouts and he cries
    Not staying quite for a second
    Always under watchful eyes.... more »

  • My Lovely Love

    Like the twinkle of the star,
    Like the beating of heart,
    Like the flutter of wings,
    Like the blessing of god,... more »

  • My Lovely Lover

    Words cannot describe her
    Blooming like a young flower
    With her mesmerising power
    Made me love her forever... more »