• The Ghost Of Doctor’s Ground

    There was a talk among us kids
    About the ghost, which we believed,
    Resided in the house by the playground
    Where an old doctor had once lived.... more »

  • The Golden Horde

    From the cold deserts of Mongolia
    Rugged little men on horses strode,
    Rampaging and plundering great lands
    Leaving them lifeless and barren to erode.... more »

  • The Groundnut Sellers

    Don't feel lonely in the fair
    We are always here
    To charge your energy with care
    Without making you bare.... more »

  • The Hostel Mess

    The dirtiest thing in the campus
    For which it is very famous,
    It smells like a fish market
    Making it easy to locate.... more »

  • The King Cobra

    The king is on the prowl
    It doesn't walk, but crawl
    Ordinary prey is not in its mind,
    Its hunts only its own kind.... more »

  • The Kingdom Of Mysore

    Withstanding the ravages of time
    And halting an expanding empire,
    Stood the Kingdom of Mysore
    Like a dragon in tiger's attire.... more »

  • The Little Duckling

    Summer was waiting in the wing,
    To encroach upon the dying spring,
    In a pond I saw this lovely thing
    A little brown duckling.... more »

  • The Miracle Man

    Nothing in him is strong
    If you ask me what’s wrong? ,
    His both eyes have cataract,
    Got eyelids which he can’t retract,... more »

  • The Monsoon

    When the streams and lakes go dry
    Migrating birds without stopping fly by
    When the temperature rises high
    When there is not a single cloud in the sky.... more »

  • The Moon Is Lost

    The moon is looking lost
    In the vastness of the sky
    I wonder, if I can get sleep?
    Watching this splendour so high... more »

  • The Severn Bridge

    The link between two old enemies
    The mighty Severn bridge,
    Stands above the estuary
    And by the Welsh ridge.... more »

  • The Solar Eclipse

    Was it night in day? ,
    When nature has its say
    Everyone ought to obey
    It has to be that way.... more »

  • The Split Second

    In that crucial split second
    So many people’s destinies rewritten,
    So many lives have changed
    So many things forgotten.... more »

  • The Sunset

    Went to a very remote place
    On the west coast, with beach full of sands
    Where women bathe in sun, bikini clad
    And where the big lighthouse stands.... more »

  • The Welsh Of Wales

    The place is not vast,
    But, has got a proud past.
    It is a land of mountains and valleys
    Also, of ancient towns and alleys.... more »

  • Time Tames All

    The mighty kings, their empires,
    their ruthlessness, their anger
    the prophets who have come and gone
    promising us heaven and salvation,... more »

  • Time To Go Back To My Roots

    There comes a time,
    In everyone’s life,
    When you feel
    You have had enough.... more »

  • True Bollywood Love Story

    He sees her in the temple
    Immediately falls in love with her,... more »

  • Tumble Into River Ely

    What the hell was I was thinking
    holding a book in one hand,
    Trying to cross the little stream
    about ten feet which spanned... more »

  • Unlock Me

    I am the lock
    You are my key,
    Do me a favour
    And unlock me.... more »

  • Updated Forum Free Verse - Join In

    The wallpaper today is stained yellow
    but smells good
    my razor cuts a square piece off
    cardinals sing, blackbirds mate... more »

  • Vanished Love

    My dreams are shattered
    My hopes are diminished
    My heart has been battered
    And love has vanished.... more »

  • Varuna – The Rain God

    When you descend from the heaven
    You bring with you, essence of life
    You combine that with energy of sun
    To make the Earth green and rife.... more »

  • Vishnu – The Protector

    Lord Vishnu, you are the protector
    Of every living thing, on this earth
    For good among evil, you are preserver.
    For your legends, there is no dearth.... more »

  • Visiting Scotland

    All these days, I had heard and heard
    So much of this Celtic-Gaelic creed
    Scotland, fascinated me always, because
    Of its legends, its history and its breed.... more »