• Absinthe

    ... more »

  • Agenda

    Tell me what you are trying to build, not what needs to be torn down

    Tell me what you believe in, not what you doubt... more »

  • All Souls

    I have no fear of joining the great gathering, that great gathering of all souls

    To join the spirits of the quickened and felled, both those of the young and the old... more »

  • An Angelic Trio

    When the silence breaks, make no mistake, you shall remember what you've heard within these walls

    This divine choir is rare, so be thankful you were there and well worthy to be here in this hall... more »

  • Ascetic

    This ochred cloth shrouds me with shreds of holy virtue
    Yet safeguards me within solitude from earthly sorrows

    Dare I lift this veil and test my faith in the furnace? ? ? ?... more »

  • Autoerotic

    I pulled my whip off the road, where there were no lights

    A detour on the road of lust, love comes at first site... more »

  • Balcony Scene

    How must it feel to stand on the stage? ? ? ?

    To show so many love, yet fuel such rage... more »

  • Beautiful

    I want to be beautiful

    I want to be whole... more »

  • Birdin'

    she tied a rope to his heart as he endeavored to soar
    yet he yearned to take them higher,
    even as her feet still dragged across the common ground
    soon the weight of it all pulled him ever downward,... more »

  • Blast Fo’ Me

    You believe VOODOO is 'Spook'ee
    And Hey-Seuss was 'WHITE'
    But if I told you
    I saw some Darkie walk on water... more »

  • Cannabis

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  • Dark Before Dawn

    It seems like now that everything goes,

    now everyone says that nobody knows... more »

  • Draw's

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  • Escape

    I was so high I had to do something

    So I outstretched my bare arms, jumped in the air and landed on top of Kilimanjaro... more »

  • Feminin

    the confluence
    red flows the stream of life
    flowers in bloom kisses on eyes... more »

  • Fetish

    ... more »

  • For No Particular Reason

    Let’s go talk about the revolution out on the veranda

    and wait for the White Zin to chill... more »

  • Genuflection On A Woman’s Back.

    As you stride by, I close my eyes to behold you before you pass into memory

    I stare at the sun and your flawless silhouette leaves an onyx impression against the clouds silver lining... more »

  • Genuflection On My Daddy’s Hands

    You lifted all those boxes with those hands and when it was time, you gave hugs with them and held our small hands in yours

    You played craps and shot pool with those hands, Mama said you could fight with them too, but I never got to see those wars... more »

  • Genuflection On My Mother’s Soul

    Weeping joy, babies born

    Wailing pain, marriage mourn... more »

  • Genuflection On The Head Of A Baby

    Beautiful round brown mound profound - boundless possibility

    Skin so soft and pure, I demure before your innocent dignity... more »

  • Grillz

    Yo' mowf is glossy
    Yo' teef is flossy
    You gotta whole lotta chedda' in da bank
    Yo whip is tight... more »

  • Griot (For Rudy)

    It is a heavy burden, the power to read the bones

    Few others share this solemn gift... more »

  • Heart Transplant

    Two hearts join
    There is a union
    Love is complicated
    The transplant is rejected... more »

  • Hegemony

    World Super Powers

    Plotting Earth’s Domination... more »