• I Believe In Muses

    Nine to the Universe, the Nine Divine
    I believe in Muses, Inspire me to dream sublime

    Empress Omega, Betty Shabazz, Nzinga all of the Queens... more »

  • Legerdemain

    “Ho, Ho, Ho it’s magic, you know,
    I never believed it’s not so“

    Oh but so it is, that your sleight of hand... more »

  • Locks

    Shiva and Indians? ? ? ?
    Hin-du-far-I? ? ? ?
    Lion of Judah! ! ! !
    Ras-ta-far-I! ! ! !... more »

  • Masculin

    proud Angry
    seeking brooding Conquering
    in search of Legacy... more »

  • Monument To Love

    Where are America's monuments to love? ? ? ?

    Americans have erected memorials for every war... more »

  • Nag Champa

    ... more »

  • Namaskar

    I love you even when we fight like vipers
    I love you even when I curse your name
    I love you even when my deeds betray my heart
    It is my prayer that you will always be there... more »

  • Necromancers Of Negritude

    So hard to create in this state, as the Joy Stealers and Soul Snatchers patrol the High Road

    The Necromancers of Negritude have laid a path of sucked skulls and confused souls before us... more »

  • Old Birds: An Easter Speech

    Watchers of the Old Democratic Kingfisher observe that this species fears leaving the nest the most

    Because even when they’re well past the age of fledgling, they still suffer from fear of flying... more »

  • On Playing The Bongos

    Whenever I hold the double bongos,

    I can’t resist playing... more »

  • Please….

    Tell me
    That you love me
    Before it is too late
    I believe we can still make it... more »

  • Profile Pic'

    Grown and Sexy means nothing to me

    That li'l smilin' boy is who I strive to be... more »

  • Regina

    Color of Kings and Queens
    Royal Blood Flows Through Her Veins Too... more »

  • Rest Assured

    to Never be afraid
    to Never feel lonely
    to Always rest assured
    to Seek God only... more »

  • Ritual

    Soul Mates....
    Coming Closer
    Like Two Ghosts Playing Chess....
    Who Will Make the First Move This Time... more »

  • Sama For Trane

    Seeker, poet, priest, Saint John

    Musician, genius, addict, Madman... more »

  • Seeking Solace At The Waffle House

    I needed to hear old familiar jukebox music

    I needed to hear a sweet voice call me 'Hon’'... more »

  • Sell In

    I used to be a man of means

    Now I have motive and opportunity... more »

  • Sex Machine

    Hot Pants
    Take ‘em off
    In a Jungle groove... more »

  • Sister Sensational

    A gentle champion of words and deeds;

    A sacred heart that pulsates and bleeds;... more »

  • Tats

    I used to be suspicious of the tattoo upon your back;
    I thought it might reveal some mysterious code;
    But now I get so exited;
    Everytime I'm behind it;... more »

  • The Ballad Of Young Robert

    Young Robert was quite lazy and did much to avoid work

    Many hung around him, yet most thought him a real jerk... more »

  • The Blind Man

    Have you ever wondered, of what does the blind man dream? ? ? ?

    It can't be of pretty girls’ faces, or the earthly beauties he's seen... more »

  • The Fourth Line

    ... more »

  • The Game

    What would you do if I gave you a kiss?
    Would you love me again or would you resist
    This quest for true love is why I exist
    I know now it’s all part of the game... more »