• The Goal

    Your heart is your home
    You must live there
    Fill your house with good things
    Fight; Struggle; Cry... more »

  • The Other Side Of The Gun

    Taught in school to respect 'Officer Friendly' - the People's friend,

    yet another Black child's life quickened to a senseless end... more »

  • Tituba

    Exotic Coveted
    Dancing Prancing Enchanting
    I yearn for her
    Forbidden... more »

  • Transfixed (Inspired By A Look….)

    One day you’ll finally take notice, but I assure you I’ll be long gone

    Please make no mistake about it, this time I’m really moving on... more »

  • Troop Escalation

    No weapons found
    A desert of deceit
    One more mother’s son died today... more »

  • Try Me

    James Said it Best
    ....Nothing without a Girl
    It’s Even Hard to Breathe Sometimes... more »

  • Unsung

    The son of a King is a Prince and a Queen shall be called the woman whom the King takes for his bride.

    Yet the common man hears the call and fights on through it all, to change the world with no royal blood inside... more »

  • What The Hegel? ? ? ?

    I’m trying to shake my Malthusian blues

    So I vow to Proudhon to the end... more »

  • Why I Love Black Women

    Fresh from my mother’s womb;

    new to the world was I... more »

  • Wifey

    I hate the word 'hyphy'
    For that matter I really hate 'wifey'
    'Got no wife but my wife be my girlfriend'
    What in the hell are you talkin' 'bout then? ? ? ?... more »

  • Winter

    hidden away safe

    elusive as past promise... more »