• Learning To Fall

    'F you love, I'm not afraid of you'
    That's what i said
    as i jumped out
    without a parachute... more »

  • N.I.C.O.L.E

    N is for the nobody because nobody can replace you
    I is for i love you forever
    C is for counting because I count the days till forever is here
    O is original because you never do something the same... more »

  • Not My Type Of Party

    Please let me get this last chance
    Because the music playing is our love song
    Let us have this last dance
    Nothing would happen... more »

  • Reason

    The reason why I say I lost everything
    Is because i put everything in us
    I cant go a day without your love
    And if I did I would be lost... more »

  • Sun The Moon And The Stars

    You remind me of the sun
    Your bright and always needed
    Without you I couldn't survive
    You help me grow and light up everything without you I'd just die... more »

  • There Isn'T Enough

    How many aspirins do I need to relieve the pain inside?
    How many suns does it take to replicate your shine?
    How much love can be given even when I given my all?
    How many scars will there be until I learn how not to fall?... more »

  • You Make Me

    You make me smile
    You make laugh
    You make me mad
    You make me sad... more »