• Another Love Poem

    My life is nothing but pain,
    A life of sorrow. A rose in the rain.
    I've lost all i ever had,
    But when I'm with you my life is'nt that bad.... more »

  • Ashes To Ashes (For Ashleigh)

    Ashes to ashes
    Dust to dust
    Slashes for slashes
    Lust for lust... more »

  • Because I Cared

    You love me too much
    So you break my heart
    I loved you so much
    Well I'm falling apart... more »

  • Bolt Locked Door

    The tears of regret in your eyes
    The murmer of truth in your lies
    The sadness in your face
    It's evil disgusting taste... more »

  • For My Last Friend

    I sit here, knife in hand,
    Due to the pain I don't understand.
    I run it over my bare skin,
    I'm not going to heaven, I'll pay for this sin,... more »

  • For My Only

    She Was All I Had!
    She Is The One I Adore!
    She Is All I Want!
    She Is Who I Live For!... more »

  • For S.O.S

    Why didn't I tell her how I felt?
    If I'd just told her,
    If I had let her know,
    Maybe she would have realized i was there.... more »

  • Forgive Me Father For I Have Sinned

    I Have Caused The People I Love Pain
    I Have Taken The Lord's Name In Vain
    I Have Swore
    I've Broken His Laws... more »

  • I Miss You

    We were so close
    But now we're estranged
    We grew apart
    You grew up, I never changed... more »

  • I'D Die For You

    When I said I'd die for you
    I mean there's nothing I won't do
    I'm here to help when you're in need
    So if need be then make me bleed... more »

  • Is It Mean'T To Be This Hard?

    I love her so much
    That it hurts me inside
    And I couldn't tell her enough
    No matter how hard I tried... more »

  • Justice Dies

    Tears flood as blood falls
    Tears rain as fate calls
    Life ends, death has came
    The victim of their morbid game... more »

  • Let Me Help

    Why'd you do it?
    Why'd you go through it?
    I could've helped
    But you kept to yourself... more »

  • Life Doesn'T Last Forever

    Life is precious. It is worth living.
    It's not rubbish. It's not worth wasting.
    Life is beautiful. it is worth loving.
    It's not ugly. It's not worth hating... more »

  • My Final Goodbye

    I Cry As My Heart Twists
    And Blood Rains From My Wrists.
    Soon It'll Be Over. Soon I Will Be Dead.
    And When I Am, Have No Regret... more »

  • My Last Tomorrow

    I know life can be hard
    And love can break a heart
    But peace will be found
    In eternal solemn sound... more »

  • No One

    No one can hurt me more then myself
    That's how it is when you wish to die
    The cuts on my body show my weakness
    The name in this skin shows my pain... more »

  • Please, Just Leave Me Alone

    Is this love just a mistake?
    Are these feelings I have fake?
    Was this all just one big lie?
    Am I just another guy?... more »

  • Say Goodbye Too Your Life

    How could you do this to me?
    And how the hell didn't I see?
    You were just playing this game
    But guess what bitch. your life won't be the same.... more »

  • The End Comes Tonight

    Darkness engulfs the light
    The world ends tonight
    So as all that lived dies
    I close my teary eyes... more »

  • The Final One. Goodbye My Love

    It's my first birthday without you here
    I really don't want to face this year
    You made me me and kept me sane
    But now you're gone and already I've changed... more »

  • 'Til Death Do Us Part'

    I love you more with every breathe I take
    And I'll cherish every memory we make
    And with every moment that passes by
    I pray your mine until I die!... more »

  • To Be So Sad, But Yet So In Love

    Why is this world so cruel?
    Why is this world so mean?
    Why can't they all understand
    I'm only the victim of shit they've never seen.... more »

  • Warning Of Romance (& Trouble)

    I can't believe that you're gone
    That you've died and passed on
    That you lay there dead
    Your clothes stained blood red... more »

  • Whats The Point?

    Whats the point when there's nothing left
    When all you wanted is already gone
    And all that you have left in life
    Are lost hopes and dreams to dwell on... more »