“My name is Viola, a.k.a. Saint Viola the Great
I’m a Page and Performance Poet amongst many other things.
I write and perform poetry to express life and living
I write and perform poetry to entertain, educate and inspire, and
I write and perform poetry to celebrate brands –
Individuals, organizations and all things worthy of praise.
But for now, the target is you.
Welcome to my world of poetic greatness! ”

Learn more about Viola on her blog, saintviola.com.

BIO: See her blog, saintviola.com.

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Viola Akhigbe Poems

I’ve Found Love

I’ve found love so pure and sweet
I’ve found the one I longed to meet
To share my love so much complete
Love never to die nor retreat.... more »

Celebrate Love

Celebrate love oh sons of men
Celebrate love daughters, with them
Fill the air with its presence
Exalt its office in life’s essence... more »

Celebrate Life

Birthdays are special times in our lives
To celebrate the gift of God that is called life
Birthdays are special moments in our lives
To recount with joy the goodness of this life... more »

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Comments about Viola Akhigbe

Ezekiel Haruna 27 Apr 2014 02:36
Do not reduce education to mere school participation fine writing. Thanks, I like it!
Richard Beevor 25 Apr 2014 01:14
I've found love, its what you do, write great poems