• Above School Limitation

    Most schools can’t help you discover you
    Most schools will impose the wrong fit on you
    Preparing you for one-size-fit-all examinations
    And some out-of-sync-with-life certifications... more »

  • Another Year Won

    Another year is gone
    And yes, we say we won
    Though been through the fire
    We still stand tall and high... more »

  • Celebrate Life

    Birthdays are special times in our lives
    To celebrate the gift of God that is called life
    Birthdays are special moments in our lives
    To recount with joy the goodness of this life... more »

  • Celebrate Love

    Celebrate love oh sons of men
    Celebrate love daughters, with them
    Fill the air with its presence
    Exalt its office in life’s essence... more »

  • Education Is Not Schooling

    Education is what holds the reins
    To make you a better you
    Schooling is just one of the ways
    To achieve that goal for you... more »

  • Education To Win

    If you understand life
    There’ll be no mysteries to it
    If you understand life
    There'll be nothing you can’t defeat.... more »

  • I’ve Found Love

    I’ve found love so pure and sweet
    I’ve found the one I longed to meet
    To share my love so much complete
    Love never to die nor retreat.... more »

  • Nigeria's Best Days

    Some old look back at the days gone by
    And say to themselves, 'what good old days'
    When currency in shilling could so much buy
    And life was bliss in many ways.... more »

  • Passion, Purpose & Profession

    When people talk of what to do
    They say find your passion and stay with that
    But for some others, their what to do
    Is to find your purpose and go with that.... more »

  • Paying For Greatness

    If greatness is something that's on your mind
    Here's something that you should bear in mind -
    There is a price that must be paid
    For the greatness that will be made... more »

  • Success And Principles

    Success is no respecter of persons
    Success considers no lame reasons
    There are principles that guide its business
    Principles to be applied with diligence.... more »

  • Success Not Economics

    Success is achievement of goals
    Success is fulfilment of purpose –
    No, it’s not how much you earn;
    That simply is your income... more »

  • Thank You!

    I’m glad you joined me to celebrate
    I’m glad you made my day so great
    For creating bliss so good to enjoy
    And causing my heart to well up with joy.... more »

  • The Education Action

    Take action today
    To be all you can be
    Take action today
    Cos tomorrow may not be... more »

  • The Love Of Football

    I've often found it quite baffling
    People’s immense love for a sport
    That’s nothing more than ball handling
    And a thunderous crowd of rare support.... more »

  • The Price Of Success

    Do not be deceived
    Again I say, do not be deceived –
    For every prize, there is a price
    For every success, a sacrifice... more »