• Air

    I am the air,
    that you breathe.
    The air,
    that you walk through.... more »

  • Beauty

    My friends say I'm pretty.
    I don't.
    People say I'm good looking.
    I don't.... more »

  • Cry

    I cry almost everyday,
    I cry when you don't look,
    I cry myself to sleep,
    I cry in the shower,... more »

  • Deserve

    I don't deserve, a guy like you.
    I don't deserve, the patience you give me.
    I don't deserve, the kindness you share with me.
    I don't deserve, the time you spend with me.... more »

  • Distant

    I keep people distant,
    from afar I look whole,
    But if they get too close,... more »

  • Dream

    I dream,
    of a you and me.
    I dream,... more »

  • Family

    Family is supposed to have your back,
    Family is supposed to know you,
    There are supposed to be no secrets with family,
    There are supposed to be no lies with family,... more »

  • Feel

    Do you ever feel,
    so alone?
    That if you disappear,
    no one would notice.... more »

  • Gone

    When you go away,
    you're gone.

    When you come back,... more »

  • Help

    No one hears,
    when I scream,
    when I yell,
    for help.... more »

  • Here

    Why aren't you here with us?
    Why are we always second the second choice?
    Why is it when the army calls,
    your there.... more »

  • Hold Me

    Hold me,
    when I cry.
    Hold me,
    when I yell.... more »

  • Lie

    I lie,
    so you don't know.
    I lie,
    so you won't get hurt.... more »

  • Love

    Love is a strange thing.
    It's not a substance,
    or an emotion.... more »

  • Need

    I collect oddities,
    little things with no purpose.
    I collect ans collect,
    but never seem to have eough,... more »

  • Night

    Trees breathe life,
    into the world.... more »

  • Observe

    I observe,
    life around me.
    I observe,
    love and hate,... more »

  • Rain

    The rain,
    hides the tears,
    streaming down my face.... more »

  • Sadness

    It tears at my heart,
    It gnaws at my soul,
    Its a knife to the gut,
    It rules my life,... more »

  • Someone

    I just want someone to hear,
    what I have to say,
    what is on my mind.
    I just want someone to ask,... more »

  • Wrong

    Is there something wrong with me?
    That would make you want to hurt me.
    That would make you want to ignore me.
    What did I do that was so wrong?... more »