Violet StClair Poems

God's Other Lowly Elemental Minions

GhOstly DreamS Our porTal to tHE otheR Land
Over the loWLands our eYEs foLlow thE Monstrous crEature
kNowing noT the lAws hoLding the Measure of his beINg
buIlt frOm remNants oF earth dOes he appeaR... more »

Be Brave Of Heart

Be brave Of heart, My Battle weary Soldier; A lull is seNt to Dry
your Worried teARS. FAir weather wiLL arrive tOo aND save the day
Even if All else Fail wE ARe the hope of yearS gone by; wHo says
the Underling MAy Not excel? In Times of woe the happY heart may sigh... more »

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