I like to write whenever I want, I also write about anything, I find that nice... pleaz comment and vote on my poems, i hope they appetize you.
My nickname is V or V.J

My first poem was dinosaurs but i lost the copy and the original... sigh, haha i found the original yay! !


Viraj Bhanshaly Poems


As poverty struck the lands,
The people crying out,
How life is so devastating,
For money they only catch trout.... more »


For when the terrorists gained a lead,
The world was merely touched,
Nobody really cared for then,
And an idea of bombs was flushed.... more »

Writing Poems Of Crimson

Do we take poems for granted,
Swish them out of a dream,
Or snatch them from reality,
When we write poems,... more »

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June Smith 02 Dec 2006 03:34
eccelent poetical style a bit british perhaps