• Forgive Me

    Forgive me, I forget;
    I forget thee for a while, please forgive me... more »

  • If Sun Again Set

    Now, the Sun is again setting;
    with fading beams a frenzy knight who shone & lit the dark with awful might
    That shine is now punning and the Sun is again on verge of setting.... more »

  • My Prayer

    The storms that frightened me even when I was on shore,
    now surrounds, tries to blow and mingle me through its course;... more »

  • The Hermit

    On the bedding of sea, many waves lay,
    tis unhurt, unseen, with inhibitions to sway.... more »

  • Their Brood

    I am groping in the dark a light of truth;
    The light which can shimmer the future of brood

    Round the world kids live naked; not by choice but by fate... more »